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Creatures Of The Sea || Chapter Two

Anais Pearl Hoops & the Moonlet Pearl Necklace, both crafted in cooling 925 Sterling Silver.


Jewellery to self-soothe — the s e n s e s collection is a nod to the extreme comfort of small, sensorial distractions.

Chapter One: Lune Letters A-Z



A State of Mind -  ESTD. 2012

Grounded in craft, community, womanhood and storytelling. Lune is an independent female-run jewellery brand with stores in Goa and Bombay. Our pieces are woven together by the moods of the moon, beaches on rainy days and ocean born pearls. Demi-fine, contemporary jewellery that is forged by hand, made with heart.

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Lune Earscapes

Ear cuffs, ear studs, threaders, hoops and more. We love a well styled and curated ear. From celestial inspired earscapes to geometric must-haves. Our Gold vermeil pieces will help you create one that best suits your personality.

The Viper

The Viper Moon family yearns to remind you of the magic of transformation. A union of the Viper necklace with a moon was inevitable—snakes and the moon have always been associated because of both their penchants for transformation. Snakes are known for how they shed old skin, the moon has been an eternal symbol of change because of how she cyclically waxes and wanes.


Crater Collection

A collection that has all our hearts.

The Crater collection is a handcrafted gold filled story of hoops, bangles, rings and a choker. Molten gold that has been melted, welded and forged just for you, this family is inspired by embossed craters on the moon that are formed by meteor collisions (an action that is uncannily mimicked by our karigars when making this family). Lunar craters are formed when meteors and asteroids plow onto the moon's surface, a phenomenon that has left astronomers filled with wonder. This family is dedicated to Tycho and Schrödinger and Apollo who we knew as the rabbit on the moon when we were younger.

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Our store/gallery space is situated in the quaint by-lanes of Bandra, Mumbai. Don't forget to look for the signs once on Chimbai Road.


Shop 1 & 2, Labbaik House, Off Hill Road and St. Andrews Church, 39, Chimbai Road, Bandra, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050.

Mon - Sun, 10:30am - 7:30pm