❦~ Gen Z in Love ~❦

❦~ Gen Z in Love ~❦

Gen Z in Love — Bombay Edition

"Shooting Generation Z was a bit of a detour for us. At Lune, I’ve naturally been inclined to photograph women around my age group, my contemporaries and as I grow older the women I want to photograph are the women I want to become in many ways, women with more experience, who’ve lived more ( especially through my #ladiesoflune series ), sometimes forgetting the younger audience in Lune campaigns that make up a big chunk of our community.

I have to remind myself that I started Lune at 24 so this campaign was a special one and also fun to connect and talk to Gen Z, an age group I often forget I once lived through.

My team in Bombay is 60% Gen Z and working with them makes me feel like walking into Summer everyday, well at least on most days 😛 While running a creative business is both fulfilling and frustrating, many of our days are spent with endless cups of speciality coffee, exchanging perspectives, talking about jewellery, figuring out life and lots of giggles.”

Sreesha ( @sreeshas )

For the month of February, we photographed, styled and interviewed Generation Z from our team and community.

From Q’s about love, love languages and love songs to creating street style-esque magic in golden hour light outside our Bandra store.

Photography and Interview: Team Lune
Pictured above: Dalai wears jewels from Perfect | imPerfect, From The Journal Of... paired with the Glow Moonstone Signet Ring, Butterfly Effect Pendant and Lune's Chrysalis Pendant Necklaces

“The first thing that comes to mind, and I stand by it, is David and Nani’s love story from Lilo & Stitch. Nani is Lilo’s older sister and David is a friend who’s desperately in love with Nani but throughout the film he’s just there for her in whatever way she needs, knowing she doesn’t have the space to indulge in romance or a relationship. He’s the best friend she could ever have, never makes her feel any pressure and is just wonderful. I’m a David stan.”

Dalai, ( @dalaiallegedly ), 24, is an Actress based out of Bombay and Goa. When we saw her in an episode of Made in Heaven ( @madeinheaventv ), we instantly recognised her at our Diwali party at the store. Turns out Lune and Dalai have similar lives. Raised in Goa, lives and works in Bombay. Cliche but so true they say your vibe attracts your tribe, we're so happy we got to meet Dalai.

Pictured above: Pearl wears jewels from Perfect | imPerfect, From The Journal Of... paired with Mama Big Chimbai Hoops, Shai Septum Ring, The Butterfly Effect Pendant and Lune's Chrysalis Pendant Necklaces

“I would want to title my future romance with the TV show ‘Adventure Time'. Just two besties who go out and about having the time of their life without a care in the world. They just know that in the end they have each other’s back and that is exactly what I would want, you know”

Meet Pearl ( @pearlbogs ) 21, Chef and Model, based out of Bombay. One of our teammates saw her at Method café and immediately papped her wearing our Narrow Big Chimbai Hoops. She's also Zenia's sister, we photographed Zenia ( @zeniabogs ) for our art project with Rohan ( @brohan_ ). 

Pictured above: Natasha wears jewels from Perfect | imPerfect, From The Journal Of... paired with the Glow Moonstone Signet Ring, Miniature Collaborative Ant Ring and Lune's Chrysalis Pendant Necklace

“Not to sound too cliche but as a child I enjoyed the love story between the sun and the moon — Where the sun died everyday to let her breathe.”

Natasha ( @natashamehta__ ), 24, Freelance Creative Angel at Shop Lune. 

Pictured above: Sejal wears jewels from Perfect | imPerfect, From The Journal Of... paired with The Butterfly Effect Choker

 “I believe quality time is my love language. Nothing says I love you like full, undivided attention, whether it's spending uninterrupted time talking with someone or doing activities together, you deepen your connection with others through sharing time.”

Sejal ( @sejalchang ), 18, our cheery Operations intern at Lune. 

Pictured above: Pooja wears jewels from Perfect | imPerfectFrom The Journal Of... paired with The Butterfly Effect Pendant NecklaceBig Ripple Hoops and the Glow Moonstone Signet Ring

“ Favourite poems about love — Mountain dew commercial disguised as a love poem by Matthew Olzmann or Poetry is a trestle by Nikki Giovanni”

Pooja (@pooja.bulsara), our resident in-house Design wizard. Give her earphones and a piece of paper, she will blow your mind. 

Pictured above: Rashi wears jewels from From The Journal Of... paired with Colva Seed Pearl Ear CuffBaby Lucia Rings and Celestial Record Pendant Necklace

“Romantic love for me means trust, growth, and appreciation. I believe it is important to have people in your life who will love you with your perfections and imperfections and that is what romantic love is for me.”

Rashi (@rashimaroo), 22, our sweet, sweet Operations intern at Shop Lune. A coffee-fanatic who teaches us how to make our daily coffee in yummy ways.

Pictured above: Devangana wears W H E R E A B O U T S in silver tone

“Romantic love for me means never giving up and selflessly giving in”

Devanaga (@jr_blodwin), 22, previously worked as a Store Manager at the Shop Lune store in Bandra. She currently lives in Bundi, Rajasthan. She loves her silver jewels and is secretly a stand-up comedian (we think, she refuses).