A vision of queen Sade Adu in Lune Jewellery emerging from the Horsehead Nebula glimmering over the Milky Way, brought to life by Artist @brohan_


first drop// Turquoise and seed pearls handcrafted in gold vermeil

The Homecoming
Talisman Capsule

Handcrafted Jewellery

A State of Mind -  ESTD. 2012

Grounded in craft, community, womanhood and storytelling. Lune is an independent female-run jewellery brand from Goa. Our pieces are woven together by the moods of the moon, beaches on rainy days and ocean born pearls. Demi-fine, contemporary jewellery that is forged by hand, made with heart.



#LadiesOfLune Series


Writer's Edit #LadiesofLune

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As seen on Janice

In our second edition of the Writer’s Edit for #LadiesofLune we spoke to celebrated poet and author, @janicepariat. A proud winner of the Sahitya Akademi Young Writer Award for her debut collection of short stories Boats on Land, Pariat’s most recent offering, The Nine Chambered Heart narrates beautiful tales about love through the eyes of unnamed characters in multiple cities. As we shoot her at her cosy abode in the capital metropolis, the talented author gets candid about her favourite cafes and libraries, the vast bounds of social media and how she keeps her creative juices flowing.

The Viper

The Viper Moon family yearns to remind you of the magic of transformation. A union of the Viper necklace with a moon was inevitable - snakes and the moon have always been associated because of both their penchants for transformation. Snakes are known for how they shed old skin, the moon has been an eternal symbol of change because of how she cyclically waxes and wanes.




Akanksha Sharma knows a thing or two about being revolutionary. Forging a path in uncharted territory, she became IKEA’s first (and only) Indian designer in 2017, all while still in her 20s. Her Instagram (@akanksha.sharma) reads like a visual homage to a sustainable future, colour, heirlooms and a personal style that doesn’t stand quietly in the background. In pandemic times, she’s finding a new creative flow that will potentially determine how the future of design in our most personal spaces will look - all from her home in Delhi. She tells us about tuning out the news and tuning into herself + all the little things that make her design work something to watch out for.

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Our office-cum-store is situated in the quaint by-lanes of Bandra. Don't forget to look for the signs once on Chimbai Road.


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