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The Homecoming
Talisman Capsule

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A vision of queen Sade Adu in Lune Jewellery emerging from the Horsehead Nebula glimmering over the Milky Way, brought to life by Artist @brohan_

A State of Mind -  ESTD. 2012

Grounded in craft, community, womanhood and storytelling. Lune is an independent female-run jewellery brand from Goa. Our pieces are woven together by the moods of the moon, beaches on rainy days and ocean born pearls. Demi-fine, contemporary jewellery that is forged by hand, made with heart.

#LadiesOfLune Series

Mithu Sen, Conceptual Artist

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As Seen On Mithu

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As Seen On Mithu

It's hard to compartmentalise Mithu Sen's (@mithusen26) art. Her trajectory has featured drawing, sculpture installation, video, poetry and performance art. Her art—that explores themes of sexuality beyond gender, eroticism, sex and violence—may have shock value, but the idea is to encourage the viewer to challenge the status quo. The visceral works of Mithu Sen may either repel you or move you, but they'll always question you. We recently photographed the multifaceted artist at her studio in New Delhi, where she lives and works. Inspired by the artist, we present this feature in a new format as a photo story and an introduction by Sreesha Shetty, founder, Lune.

The Viper

The Viper Moon family yearns to remind you of the magic of transformation. A union of the Viper necklace with a moon was inevitable—snakes and the moon have always been associated because of both their penchants for transformation. Snakes are known for how they shed old skin, the moon has been an eternal symbol of change because of how she cyclically waxes and wanes.




Her unrestrained works explore themes of sexuality, intimacy and body image. Her weapon of choice is her drawing pen. Ever since she stepped into the Indian art scene in 2015, artist and curator Tarini Sethi has been on a mission to challenge the status quo. When her work was declared “too bold” for Indian sensibilities, she together with her graphic designer friend, Anant Ahuja founded The Irregulars Art Fair in 2018—an anti-art fair offering a platform to budding, independent artists. Far from being a conformist, she’s charting her own artistic path, while also supporting new talent. In a freewheeling chat with Shweta, @tarinisethi discusses everything from her journey as an artist to life in lockdown.

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