Product Care 101

NOTE*** Care instructions for COLLABORATION merch or anything other than jewellery will be mentioned in the product listing, under Details itself. This tab is only for our jewels 💎 

While our jewellery is meant to be worn every day, but like most things in life it needs a little TLC along the way. Here are a few tips and tricks you must consider to keep your jewellery looking its sparkly best.

Jewellery Care

We produce our jewellery at the highest quality to ensure it will be kept and worn for years to come. Heck, we have even introduced Lune Fine so you can wear your pieces everyday but if you want an affordable alternative we offer you a range. Always remember that affordable jewellery or anything other than solid gold requires extra care that doesn’t cost that much 😉 

Follow these 4 simple steps to keep your Gold plated sterling silver ( Gold vermeil ), sterling silver and gold plated brass ( Gold filled ) pieces looking their best year after year:

  • AVOID direct contact with beauty products such as perfume, hairspray, deodorant and makeup.
  • ALWAYS remove your jewellery before swimming, bathing or showering.
  • TO CLEAN your jewellery, wipe with a soft, moist cloth and ensure the piece is dried well.
  • STORE each piece separately. The best way to store your necklaces is to store them in our sturdy Lune box or in the double sided pouches we give you.

We are committed to producing top-in-industry quality jewellery with a superior plating thickness. However, if your pieces are exposed to the products above, some tarnishing may occur. It may also naturally occur from certain skin’s PH levels.


Know Our Metals & Gemstones

 18kt gold plated sterling silver or gold vermeil  | Our vermeil pieces are made from 925 sterling silver base, plated with a thick gold plating of 18kt micron gold plating. The vermeil plating is 5x thicker than ordinary gold plating and nickel free. Fully fabricated from precious metals to ensure long lasting wear and luster. To keep your piece looking its best, gently clean with a damp soft cotton cloth after every wear. Please do not use jewellery cleaner or polishing cloths or pads on vermeil pieces. Follow the care instructions above to ensure your jewellery shine lasts forever.

Sterling silver & fine silver | When worn regularly, silver usually retains its brightness. If kept on a dresser for long periods of time unworn, it can tarnish or “grey” (depending on the climate you live in). Exposure to products, salt water, or humidity can also affect this. You can easily rid your silver jewellery of tarnish with a simple polish and cloth. We recommend avoiding interactions with harsh chemicals, wearing your jewellery often to retain its natural silver brightness, and storing pieces in a jewellery box or airtight container when not being worn.

18kt gold plated brass | Our gold plated pieces are plated in a thicker plating than the industry standard over brass and finished off with a coating for anti-tarnish and extended wear. It is nickel free. Care should be taken when wearing or cleaning your plated jewellery as plating can wear off slightly overtime especially with heavy use. To keep your piece looking its best, gently clean with a damp soft cotton cloth after every wear. Please do not use jewellery cleaner or polishing cloths or pads on plated pieces. Follow care instructions above to ensure your jewellery shine lasts forever,

Replating service | If you find that your plating is wearing off quicker than you would like, we will be happy to replate your worn Shop Lune jewellery at a nominal fee. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for the replating service. This service is only available within India. So contact us at for any questions, including the cost of the plating for your jewellery with images of the jewellery and order number ( they are examined depending on size, extent of tarnish etc. and read about our repairs policy here. )

Please note * that jewellery with gemstones are hard to replate and may hurt the stone so replating services aren’t applicable for gemstone jewellery. 



18kt solid gold

Gold, the purest of metals, will typically not turn or change. It can be cleaned professionally or you can simply polish with a cloth for extra shine. Also, be gentle with all your Lune jewellery including #LuneFine as they are delicate and dainty :)

We recommend you wear our 18kt solid gold for everyday wear. It’s not as soft as 24kt solid gold nor is it as fragile as 14kt solid gold. It’s a perfect in-between. 

We can customise any design on to 18kt solid gold. Fill out our custom form if you don’t see a design listed in our Lune Fine section. 



Please note that certain stones are more delicate than others. Opals, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Pearls need extra attention to keep them in their best condition. Turquoise, for example, should not be cleaned with a brush but a soft cloth or even your finger. Opals can easily crack or damage from extreme changes in temperature, and pearls should be stored flat and separate from other objects that may scratch their surface. A gentle wipe down of your stones after wear can also help to avoid any buildup of oils or other substances. Do not expose your Opals, Turquoise, and Pearls to alcohol and chemical based substances such as hand sanitizer and perfume. As with perfumes and hairspray, the alcohol in hand sanitizer can change the surface of your delicate stones. With exposure to these chemicals, the two noticeable differences being a loss of luster and a change in colour.

*** Fragile of them all are Opal stones. They are relatively delicate stones, which require some special care to keep them happy. Opals are fairly soft (they are a 5.5 - 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, while diamonds are a 10). They are also high in water content and porous, which causes them to be very sensitive to changes in climate, temperature, and humidity.