Collection note | Memories of Kasuti: Notes from a childhood

Pictured above: Mizbah wears the Small Dual Pixel Hoops, Medium Dual Pixel Hoops and XL Dual Pixel Hoops

Warp, weft, and memories
Meld, forge and manifest
Into silk and metal.

Back to the workbench—capturing whispers from the past.

At Shop Lune, we find wonder in the world around us—whether it’s the cats that languidly lounge outside our Chimbai village store in Bandra; or our interpretations of the melancholic, magical moon. While our stories and collections try to encapsulate nuances of the wonderful world around us, they’re at the same time, deeply rooted to where we come from.

As we mark 10 years of Shop Lune, our first collection of 2022 taps into the roots  of our founder, Sreesha Shetty. Circling back to her family’s origins in Karnataka, Memories of Kasuti, is an ode to both, the Kasuti embroidery, native to the state as well as the playfulness of Sreesha’s summer vacations spent at her ancestral home in Chikkamagaluru. While the family originally hailed from Karnataka, their ancestors had moved to Goa for business. From the ages of 8 to 17, summer for the family meant it was time to drive down from Goa to Karnataka. These road trips were made of magic—of music, of banter and sights from the car window. Some of the most lasting images in Sreesha’s mind were those of the local women wearing garments embellished with the indigenous Kasuti embroidery. The stark geometric motifs of this craft is what Sreesha has tried to channel into the latest collection—an homage to memory, craft and roots.

Etymologically, the word 'Kasuti' comes from the words 'kai' and 'suti' that mean hand and cotton thread, respectively in Kannada. The roots of this craft can be traced all the way back to the 7th century AD. Over the years, this embroidery has woven its way into the fabric of the women's lives. For instance, Kasuti-embroidered fabrics, would be gifted on life’s most special occasions—weddings and births. The painstakingly handmade heirloom pieces were also passed down in the family—and fittingly the embroidery now has a GI tag to preserve the craft and its craftsmen.

Pictured above: Dua wears the XL Dual Pixel Hoops, Dori Cross Necklace and Kappu Combust Septum Ring

Pictured above: Mizbah wears the Shimoga Mixed Metal Choker, Kappu Aspect Studs, Kappu Square Huggie Drops and Kappu Square Studs

Harking back to those road trips, Sreesha remembers passing the outskirts of Shimoga and the Kaveri river and often asking for directions to reach their home. As a tribute, some of the pieces have been named after rivers and talukas of Karnataka. Memories of Kasuti celebrates the joy of craftsmanship and memories as intricate patterns come together to tell a story— of culture and community. Comprising necklaces, earrings, rings and more, the collection brings to the fore the intricacy of the art. Motifs inspired by the four main stitches—Gavanthi, Murgi, Negi and Menthi—bring the collection to life through 925 sterling silver, 18kt solid gold and in some cases, a medley of mixed metals. Some of the pieces also feature black spinel—a stone traditionally associated with warding off the evil eye.  

Memories of Kasuti may be a collection that probably most deviates from our design language and yet, it’s perhaps one that’s the truest—as it forges a connection to our founder and her heritage. Shop Lune was built on the philosophy of design through meaning—and isn’t paying homage to our roots the greatest meaning we can search for? 

Pictured above: Mizbah in Dori Cross Huggie Drops, Jaali Cuff, Dori Chain Wrist Wear and Shimoga Ring