A jewellery edit, mix-tape, poem & book round-up on friendship

A jewellery edit, mix-tape, poem & book round-up on friendship
sisters of the moon 🌙 

come, sisters of the moon
come, sisters of the sprites
let’s gather together and speak of light
the light of love and of knowledge
and of freedom 

we’ll conjure spells in the forest
to lift our women and heal them.
Text: Team Lune
At Lune, we are forever curious about the different layers of womanhood, from interviewing women in creative and entrepreneurial fields to creating meaningful and functional jewellery for our ladies, our connection and love for the women in our lives through our soil, community, store, team, family and friendships just gets more authentic with every passing year.
We are lucky to be surrounded by incredible women. Today we are sharing a curated, dreamy jewellery edit, soulful playlist, an old poem and a book round-up dedicated to our friends and sisters. ( Hint: Friendship day is on August 1st ).

1) sisters of the moon: Was commissioned to writer and illustrator Roanna Fernandes few years ago that we did not publish but today feels like a good time to set it out 💞

2) The Jewellery Edit: We curated an edit that includes dreamy hand harnesses, minimal nose pins, petal shaped baroque pearl chokers in gunmetal and gold finish and minimal pearl rings, lunar-themed studs and more magical things that celebrate sisterhood and friendship and beyond. 

3) A playlist: That reminds us of sweet moments, moments we’ve only shared with our friends and sisters. 

4) Books about friendship: Here’s a book round-up that speak to us of the innocent friendships that we had in our younger days and lucky to still have, to those terrifyingly toxic ones which came and left to teach us lessons on maturity and judgement. 

1. Girl, women, other by Bernardine Evaristo 
“This book tells the inter-connected stories of 12 different characters, who are mostly women, black and British. While the novel pores over the nuances of different kinds of bonds from maternal to romantic, it also centres on friendship, examining how and why it develops and falters.”

2. Swing time by Zadie Smith
“Two friends dream of being dancers but while one is hard-working and tries to plan her career out in front of her, it’s Tracey who has the raw talent it takes to succeed. Swing Time tells of their close but complicated childhood friendship that ends abruptly in their early twenties, never to be revisited, but never quite forgotten either." 

3. Cat’s eye by Margaret Atwood 
“Atwood’s novel is an examination of toxic friendship. When visiting her childhood home of Toronto for a retrospective show of her art, Elaine is overwhelmed by her past. She’s forced to confront the memories of her once best friend-turned-tormentor, Cordelia, who’s impacted her life for forty years.”

4. Everything I know about love by Dolly Alderton 
An ode to female friendships, Everything I Know About Love was an easy read, relatable and funny. Dolly Alderton spills it all and makes it somewhat easy for us to accept oour 20s when she describes her life in different stages of her 30 years of life. Her raw depiction about her friendships especially for her best friend Farley and the self indulgent  nature of being young, somewhat clueless, while attempting to succeed in her career and love life is brutally honest and humourous. Her female friendships remain a strong pillar, her North Star of sorts.