Ladies of Lune: Aaliya Amrin

Ladies of Lune: Aaliya Amrin

Aaliya was the first member of By The Gram (BTG) I discovered on Instagram two years ago. Someone from our team had mentioned the exceptional work they were doing, all being based in Bombay. Another time at a shoot, Krisann, a very close collaborator at Shop Lune and HMU, happened to mention she had just worked with Aaliya and that she was an absolute darling to work with.

So I scrolled through Aaliya’s Instagram and wanted to know more. I loved the music she chose for her reels, the outfits she wore for her friend's weddings, and also really enjoyed her work. She is a presenter, producer, and co-founder of a global content studio, BTG. With an unparalleled knack for crafting emotional and sensorial stories, BTG's narrative is a melting pot of design, fashion, beauty, food, and travel.

How did she juggle so much? So, I slid into her DMs, and she happens to live really close to the lane to mine in Bandra. While I couldn't make it to Aaliya’s space, my team did.

Aaliya is a true multi-hyphenate; she takes us deep into the intricate web of her artistic endeavour. On a sunny afternoon, Tasneem, Anannya, and Mizbah, members of Team Lune, ventured to Aaliya's residence in Bandra, Bombay. Bearing a selection of Lune jewels, their purpose was to capture her amidst her sanctuary, accompanied by her feline confidant, Donaldo.

Photography: Anannya Shinde & Aakruti Sarangdhar | Interview: Josanne Roberts & Sreesha Shetty | Creative Production: Tasneem Nalwala & Mizbah Sheikh

Pictured above: Donaldo

1. As a creative professional, you wear many hats. Tell us about them?

The very long story short is that I’m a presenter, producer, and founder of a content studio; BTG ( By The Gram ).  BTG, as it stands today, is a global content studio that houses emotional and sensorial storytelling. Taking inspiration from our lineage of design, fashion, beauty, food and travel — it’s everything we’ve ever known or owned.

2. Do you have a favourite kind of project to work on?

I do have some favourites and they tend to be the ones where our clients trust us and relinquish control. The projects where clients let us do what they hired us to do. These are the outputs I’ll always cherish the most. Our past campaigns for TATACliq Mother’s Day and Valentine's Day sit at the top still!

Pictured above: Aaliya wears the Slender Short Tornado Studs & Hanie Barbell Studs with the Kigo Choker paired with the Hanie Spike Pendant on her neck and the Amira Multi-ball Chain Ring, Lyla Mesh Ring, Triple Strike Grit Ringon her fingers.

3. How did you pick visuals as your expression of choice?

I'm a blend of left and right brains — always gravitating towards visuals, but never without strategy at its core. Was it a conscious choice or just where my instincts led me — unclear. I've been into photography and “content creation” way before it got its tags and labels. I'm a firm believer in the power of storytelling and finding the extraordinary in the everyday.

Pictured above: Aaliya wears the Slender Short Tornado Studs & Hanie Barbell Studs with the Kigo Choker paired with the Hanie Spike Pendant on her neck.

4. How do you balance your creative integrity with every new wave and phase of the age? Is this something you find challenging?

Navigating the balance between authenticity and commercial success feels like walking a tightrope. It's a tough path, and I've seen many creatives opt for more conventional routes. Staying true to my gut has proven good for me, even though the road to recognition is undeniably lengthy. If you can tap into your integrity to create things that are deeply meaningful to you, it'll take some time for it to resonate with people and audiences.

Building trust and recognition as an independent creative demands time and authenticity. While instant success recipes exist, such as following trends on platforms like TikTok or Reels, I find them extremely unfulfilling. Authenticity, resonating with audiences, paves the way for more sustainable and enduring success.

Striking a balance between my artistic truth and commercial viability still requires flexibility though. I embrace constructive criticism, adapt when necessary, and dive deep into understanding my client's market. Although challenging, this process reinforces the connection between authenticity and long-term success.

Pictured above: Aaliya wears the Slender Short Tornado Studs with the Kigo Choker paired with the Hanie Spike Pendant on her neck; and the Amira Multi-ball Chain Ring, Lyla Mesh Ring, Triple Strike Grit Ringon her fingers.

5. We can imagine running a boutique studio comes with the occasional chaos. What are some things you do to calm your senses and keep you grounded?

This was part of my resolutions coming into 2024! To remind myself, somewhat regularly, why I’ve chosen to do this work in the first place. The chaos is a given with agency work however our team has learnt (over time) to stand their ground and not drown in a sea of unrealistic requests and endless feedback loops. 

This may sound silly but all I need sometimes is a little walk, and probably an overpriced matcha to stay grounded and stay calm. The most basic betch of answers, but it’s the truth.

6. You also express yourself through speech! How did you find yourself entering the world of hosting and MC-ing?

I’ve been presenting ever since high school. It started as a means of creative expression, fun, and the sheer joy of putting together a show. Over time, I’ve leaned into what truly makes me happy, unsurprisingly, it is production. Productions of all kinds; whether it's events, shoots, films, etc. When I’m presenting a show or hosting a live conversation, all I’m really doing is steering the audience's experience through speech. It’s been a beautiful tool in my arsenal over the years, helping me hold space for wonderful and often important conversations. And it teaches me how to consistently enhance the audience’s experience with each hosting gig.

Pictured above: Aaliya wears the Big Tala Cuff on her wrist; and Vesper Dual Ball Rings paired with the Amira Multi-ball Chain Ring, Lyla Mesh Ring, Triple Strike Grit Ring, Solstice Ring, Double Strike Grit Midi Ring & stacked Marco City Rings on her fingers.

7. We love your style! Who would you say has had the most influence on the way you style yourself?

As a moody and dreamy millennial, my mood dictates almost everything — sometimes, to my own downfall — hah! My style usually reflects what I’m going through that day, whether it's feeling fun and funky or more neutral and meditative, etc. 

As for the person who has influenced me the most, it's Ammi jaan — my grandma. She wore her hair in a tight bun her whole life, and now I often catch myself imitating her tight little buns more than ever. Her hand-me-down saris are the most treasured pieces in my wardrobe today (I’m hoping to upcycle some soon, actually!). During her late 50s in Hong Kong, she wore a light cotton sari every single day, never changing for nobody. My childhood memories are filled with these silhouettes and her strolling about in them. This has played a huge role in my diaspora today and my love for Indian textiles.

Pictured above: Aaliya wears the Slender Short Tornado Studs & Hanie Barbell Studs with the Kigo Choker paired with the Hanie Spike Pendant on her neck.

8. Top 5 of your closet must-haves from craft-based homegrown brands?

  1. Shop Lune’s Vesper Dual Ball Rings
  2. Flame Stores Kimonos
  3. Shanti Banaras Real Zari Sari 
  4. Saaksha & Kinni’s periwinkle print, hand micro pleated, off shoulder pieces
  5. Yam co-ords

9. How would you describe your everyday, office-wear style?

The magic lies in the art of combining pieces that logically shouldn't go together. Mixing casual wear with formal wear is a favourite in our creative community, especially among Bandra natives. This high-low mix extends beyond; it brings a mix of price points into play, even if it's not the primary focus. The outcome is that fancier items lose their sheen as the boundaries between polarised categories like gender, price, and formality get wonderfully blurred. 

I honestly have fun with it — whether it's dressing for a day on set, a coffee meeting, or an industry dinner. Playing around with casual pieces in formal settings or donning formal items on an ordinary day adds a tongue-in-cheek layer of fun to even the most mundane situations.

Pictured above: Aaliya wears the Roundabout Chimbai Bangles with the Reason Hand Harness on her wrist; and Vesper Dual Ball Rings paired with the Double Strike Grit Ring, Nova Opal Oval Ring & Solstice Ring on her fingers, holding our Southern Eclipse — Vanilla & Sandlwood Scented Candle.

10. Before you were in Bombay, you lived, studied and worked in Los Angeles. How do you think this impacts the way you perceive and approach the way you work?

Raised in the east and groomed in the west, I am a typical by-product of my diaspora and globalisation. My experiences from Hong Kong and LA still craft my characters, my scenes, and my odd-ball nuances, plus everything in between. If I were to describe my early career in Mumbai, I’d talk about my years of hustle, followed by my years of cementing, and eventually now my year of thriving.

11. The way you perceive Bombay is unique to you. What are some sensory details that make up your life in the city? A Bombay Sensory Inventory of sorts.

  • Your favourite sights and views in the city — bylanes of Bandra, always. 
  • Sounds that make you happy — Juhu beach in the morning time, after a staycation at Soho Mumbai. 
  • A texture you love to touch — Street pups and cats that are the most precious residents of the city.
  • Something decadent to taste — Tisriya Masala (clams) at Gajalee.
  • A current favourite scent — Shop Lune’s Southern Eclipse Candle.

Pictured above: A still from Aaliya's house.

12. Your 2024 Ins & Outs.


  • Speaking out
  • Democracy
  • Staying soft 
  • Home cooked meals 
  • New connections
  • Being in flow 
  • Less but better 
  • Lots more photography 
  • Belly laughs  
  • Recovery 


  • Burnouts 
  • Endless feedback loops
  • “Do it for the exposure”
  • Celebrity podcasts
  • Bubbles / Trends 
  • Being passive 
  • Bad writing 
  • Bad meals 
  • ‘Instagram store core’ aesthetic 
  • Curvy couches