Ladies Of Lune: Chandni Sareen

Ladies Of Lune: Chandni Sareen
We recently photographed Chandni Sareen for Shop Lune’s Ladies of Lune series, and her fiery, magnetic energy made working with her, a treat. (Also, if you don’t already know, Ladies of Lune is a cool, new series where we get to interview and feature all the beauties we adore collaborating with.) And now, should you be curious to find out more about this doe-eyed *cute face* (and fashion stylist, founder of The Ikat Story), keep on scrolling, amigo –

Chandni Sareen

Sun sign: Scorpio

What you do: Dream

What you would be doing if you didn’t do what you currently do: Wander, preferably on a beach.

City/town you presently live in: Bombay

Chandni Sareen
Your current favourite…

Beauty products: COCO FEE Lip Scrub by ENN and the Rose & Sandalwood Face Scrub from Ayca.

Self-care ritual: Drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, treat myself to little joys - every now and then (Kel’s cakes), and moisturise.

Instagram handles: @extraweg, @designattractor, @virgilabloh, @iamcardib

Book and/or film: THE TINY BOOK of Tiny Stories by Joseph Gordon-Levitt & wirrow

Websites: Little Zine by Himanshu Shady, Bombay Underground.

Haunt in the city: Izumi (Bandra)

Piece of jewellery: Forever favourite - a silver ring I got about seven years ago, made by a Spanish man I met in Arambol (Goa); I have worn it, every day since.

Indian and international brands/designers: Saaksha & Kinni

The future is… Yesterday. Life moves in cycles. Things go in and out of fashion and are remodelled to fit the need of the hour. Sometimes, it is essential to take a peek into the past for a glimpse into the future.

Chandni Sareen
Chandni is wearing jewellery from Shop Lune in all three photographs: in the first, she is wearing the Crescent Moon rings (Mother of Pearl & plain gold) and Essential Basic Ring set on her fingers; in the second - she’s wearing the Swirl earrings in her ears, and the Conch ShellSwirl and Viper necklaces on her neck; and the Molten Metal earrings in her ears in the third picture.