Ladies Of Lune: Jazba Singh

Ladies Of Lune: Jazba Singh

Shooting interesting, independent women for @shoplune’s Ladies of Lune series is always, always fun because, through our conversations with the models, we get to know a little about a lot! And the thing about cool reccos and tips is that they aren’t as exciting if you can’t share ’em with your favourite people. Speaking of ‘fun’, we recently spoke with Jazba Singh aka the Beauty Nomad, and wearer of many hats (this sweet gal’s hardworking, kind and smart, and it shows) –

Jazba Singh

Sun sign:

What you do: Actress/Model/Blogger/Make-up Artist/Full-time Nomad

What you would be doing if you didn’t do what you currently do: Well, firstly, it would mean I am not living out my true passions but probably something in human rights advocacy work as I have a master’s degree in that field.

City/town you presently live in: Uh, well, being a full-time nomad means I’m constantly on the move! I’m in Sri Lanka right now, I’ve been living in Mumbai for the past 6 months but I have literally one day left on my lease and am heading to my second home in Melbourne (Australia) to live there, again, for a while.

Jazba Singh

Your current favourite…

Beauty products: RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer (an organic coconut-oil-based, silvery illuminator that’s to die for) and NARS’ Audacious Lipstick in Audrey (a colour inspired by Audrey Hepburn).

Self-care ritual: It has always been writing in my journal (as opposed to being just a current fave).

Instagram handles: @everyoutfitonsatc (it showcases all of Carrie’s amazing wardrobe on Sex and the City), @90sanxiety (so many scrunchies, so much frosted lip gloss), @beauty_nomad (documenting all my travels, modelling and portfolio in one place).

Book and/or film: Currently reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and LOVING it, the last film I saw that left a deep impression on me was Mulholland Drive and now, I’m working my way through David Lynch’s entire body of work.

Websites: I don’t subscribe to any!

Podcasts: I love My Favourite Murder which is this seemingly weird combo of true crime and comedy, but it’s hosted by these two hilarious and badass feminist women who’s philosophy is “fuck politeness” if that’s what’s going to save you from getting murdered! And then for hilarity I listen to My Dad Wrote A Porno which is exactly what it sounds like- this poor British guy reads out chapters from his dad’s super awkward attempt at erotic fiction.

Haunt in the city: I hang at The Village Shop (Bandra) for their organic treats and ‘chill’ vibes; the coffee is brilliant too, and I always get a bag of stuff to take home with me.

Piece of jewellery: I swear I’m not just saying this because this is for SHOP LUNE but I adore the ‘layering’ necklaces - the ones with the pointed star pendant and gold Crescent Moon medallion.

Indian and international brands/designers: To be honest, I’m not big on brands in general - like I never buy things with labels monogrammed on them ’cos I find it cheesy and like, why should I advertise for someone like that? If I want to shout out to a brand, I’ll do it via my blog or through word of mouth... I usually buy cheap boho pieces and vintage stuff because I travel across the globe, frequently, and my things are always in suitcases or getting lost so I don’t have too many branded things!

The future is… bright! If you choose to look at it that way, that is - and train your brain’s circuitry to see it that way (totally possible through meditation or affirmations or journaling or anything you find healing that connects you to yourself).

Jazba SIngh

Jazba is wearing a white button-down shirt (in the first picture), and jewellery from Shop Lune: the Conchita conch shell, Jeanne and Y Toggle Drip necklaces on her neck, and a selection of the Crescent Moon (regular and Mother of Pearl) and Essential Basic Ring Set and Moss pendant on her fingers. In the second photograph, Jazba is wearing a burnt-sienna-coloured blouse (and matching scrunchie) and jewellery from Shop Lune: Boheme hoop earrings in her ears, and the same rings (also worn in the first picture) on her fingers.