Ladies Of Lune: Naina Bhan

Ladies Of Lune: Naina Bhan
Lune was born out of the irrefutable need to preserve that perfectly irregular shell you stumbled upon on the beach; or the surge of love and wonder you feel when you look up at the sky on a full-moon velvety night.

We meld liquid gold with jewels and irregular baroque pearls (perfection is outdated, really) to remind us of these little moments that life stealthily brings us.
#LadiesOfLune is an extension, a personification (if you will), of Lune. Sisterhood, we’ve discovered, was what helped Lune to be born in the first place. Who would we be without our coven? Who would you be without yours?

And in this spirit, we document phenomenal women wearing Lune by photographing+interviewing them.

Our second edition of #LadiesOfLune begun with Naina Bhan, who is many, many (many) things. Her refreshing, grounded energy preceded her wise words. She reminded us of cherry cola on a hot day. Here, she opens up about her thoughts on love, kindness, sisterhood and what disappointment taught her. Keep reading.

Naina Bhan

Sun sign: An Aries+Taurus cusp

What you do: Currently a lifestyle videos director+producer, model and part-time talent manager at A Little Fly

What you would be doing if you didn’t do what you currently do: I’d like to have paid more attention to being a singer or a dancer

City/town you presently live in: Delhi

Naina Bhan

Your current favourite…

Beauty products: Cloud Paint by Glossier, MAC strobing cream

Self-care ritual: Essential oil diffuser, candles, and a steaming shower

Instagram handles: @kimshuistudio, @swineryy, @slydeofficial

Podcasts: Scriptnotes, S*Town

Book and/or film: In The Mood For Love

Haunt in the city: Korean restaurants in the basement of South-Point Mall

Indian and international brands/designers: Untitled Co., Jaywalking, Make Textiles, Claymen

What jewellery style naturally attracts you? Beaten gold pendants, chains, emeralds, and rubies. Temple jewellery

First thought/word that comes to your mind when you think about Lune: Dreamy femme

Naina Bhan

Opinions and musings about:

The industry that you work in: You better love what you're doing because it asks a lot of you in so many different ways.

Sisterhood (what does sisterhood mean to you now that you wish you knew 10 years ago?): There are so many thoughts and ideologies we're trying to navigate for the first time especially in the context of being modern independent women, you need each other to work all the kinks out without going crazy.

What have you learnt from disappointment? To keep moving forward

On love and kindness: Allow people to offer that kind of support to you without feeling weak or undeserving.

What’s beauty to you? I find it beautiful when you notice manifestations of emotions and experiences in objects and beings.

On routine: My mother hammered routine into me. I need those hours in the morning to collect myself, I need to be punctual, I need to focus on my work through the day and I need to get my sleep at night. Currently, all my concentration is on correcting my food and exercise and get my domestic life on auto-pilot.

On city living: I try my best to not be bogged down by the traffic, the short fuses and the expenses. I wish there were more simple things to do in Delhi that didn't involve getting a drink.

The future is: Tricky.

Naina Bhan

Naina wears jewellery from Shop Lune in all the photographs: in the first the first two - Big Toggle Bar necklace and the gold-tone sterling silver signet ring; in the last two - Abstract Oblong hoops, Meaning Clear Quarts Crescent Moon necklace layered with the Christy choker.

Photography by Gorkey Patwal