Ladies Of Lune: Neha Singh

Ladies Of Lune: Neha Singh
At Lune, we’re clicking away at the wonderful women we’re surrounded by as part of our on-going series - #LadiesOfLune - where we document ordinary women doing extraordinary things. The next one in the second installment is Neha Singh- Delhi girl, but the mountains always seem to be calling. She’s the co-founder and creative director of Cord, a contemporary clothing and leather goods brand. She tells us everything about sisterhood, routine and living the cacophony of Delhi here-

Neha Singh

Sun sign: Cancer

What you do: Founder and creative director of Cord

What you would be doing if you didn’t do what you currently do: Designing, decorating spaces or dancing

City/town you presently live in: Delhi

Neha Singh

Your current favourite…

Beauty products: Rice water foaming cleanser by The Face Shop, Snail repair cream by Mizon
Self-care ritual: Eat clean, workout, read a book, spend time alone, sing out loud or dance my heart out

Instagram handles: @troldhaugen, @my8i2, @nidtokyo, @ignant, @documenting_fashion

Podcasts: Whylk and Misky

Book and/or film: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Haunt in the city: Greenr Cafe, Vasant Vihar

Indian and international brands/designers: Injiri, Torani, Claymen, fermliving, YMC, Lemaire

What jewellery style naturally attracts you? Anything delicate in gold +gems/peals

First thought/word that comes to your mind when you think about Lune: Feminine, dainty, dreamy

Opinions and musings about:

The industry that you work in: Well it's fun! it's getting competitive as hell but I honestly love what I do and enjoy waking up every day to come to work and create something beautiful and valuable

Sisterhood (what does sisterhood mean to you now that you wish you knew 10 years ago?): To uplift, support and love each other with no conditions and no judgments, basically just being there for each other. Being your sister’s keeper should be a reflex. Sisterhood knows no boundary, no race, no class or geography. Sisterhood transcends and it transforms us for the better. Sisterhood is from the heart. We as women need to be more kind, patient and empathetic towards each other, because if we don’t help each other, who will? And if not in this time, then when?

What have you learnt from disappointment? To be better, to try harder but sometimes to just let go, of all the expectations and things and situations that are beyond your control and just be! It has taught me to be more in touch with myself by looking deeper and most importantly it makes me feel more grateful for what I have.

On love and kindness: The bread and butter of humanity

What’s beauty to you? I think beauty is how you treat other people, people you know and people you don't!

On routine: Growing up in an army background, routine is something I am super used to! It gives my life a lot of discipline and structure while keeping me motivated to be better every day!

On city living: Well, I am coping up! It's more like a professional hazard! If not for what I do, you would find me in the mountains (enjoying a glass of wine by the river)!

The future is: Personally and professionally, I am excited for what's in store but really worried about where our country is heading, politically!

Neha Singh

 Neha is wearing jewellery from Shop Lune in all the photographs: Abstract Oblong hoops, Meaning Clear Quarts Crescent Moon necklace, Mini Crescent sterling silver necklace in gold-tone, Star Pendant Necklace and the gold-tone sterling silver Mie ring set in four.

Photography by Gorkey Patwal