Ladies Of Lune: Rachel Varghese

Ladies Of Lune: Rachel Varghese
If you don’t already know, can we be the ones to break it to ya? Ladies of Lune is a series we’ve been working on for our blog (and Instagram feed) through which we interview and feature the beauties we adore collaborating with. Not too long ago, we photographed (and spoke to) Rachel Varghese – whom you might recognize (she models among other things); if you could hear her – you’d be doubly sure (mm-hmm, that lilting and lush, Siaesque voice)!

Rachel Varghese

Sun sign:
 Sagittarius (but according to the 13 Zodiac signs, I fall under Ophiuchus)

What you do: Singer/Musician

What you would be doing if you didn’t do what you currently do: I’d be designing clothes, working at a zoo with animals, or diving... There are just so many possibilities...

City/town you presently live in: Mumbai (Byron Bay is where I’d like to stay.)

Rachel Varghese
Your current favourite…

Beauty products: Rosehip oil, COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence.

Self-care ritual: Palo Santo and Ramakrishna incense.

Instagram handles:, @colorsxstudios, @jehreeus, @wildviewing

Book and/or film: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez; I’m a film junkie - Sci-Fi films are my jam.

Websites:, Reddit, COLORSXSTUDIOS and various podcasts.

Haunt in the city: The Nutcracker (Bandra), One Street (Bandra), Izumi (Bandra)

Piece of jewellery: A silver ring from Pushkar, the Coconut Ring from Coco Roots and some Kichu staple rings.

Indian and international brands/designers: Alekai, THE WHITE RAVEN, Kichu, Shaista Designs, NorBlack NorWhite, The Ikat Story
The future is… Empathy, compassion, and love; through and through.

Rachel Varghese
Rachel is wearing jewellery from Shop Lune in all three pictures: in the first and third photographs, she’s wearing a limited edition gold shell and pearl duster earring, the Razia dangling hoop earring in her ears and on her neck - the Crescent Moon medallionPerla and Viper necklaces; in the second photograph – she is wearing the Pointed Star hoop earrings in her ears (complete with silk ribbons in her hair), and the Paris collar and Mini Y ToggleNorth StarPolaris necklaces on her neck.