Special Fundraiser- Covid-19

Covid-19 fundraiser // The last few weeks have been quite challenging. Personally, we continue to self-isolate and slowly recover from Covid-19 ourselves. And, as a small business that has craftsmen and employees that we are responsible for, we wanted to manage our own fight or flight thinking before extending our helping hand.

So, here's what we are committed to doing —

- A crescent for a cause // We will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our bestselling Miniature and Medium crescent studs to Covid relief charities listed below. 

- A portrait for a cause // Our resident artist @brohan_ and Lune have teamed up in raising funds by making portraits of you in black and white oil painting. Send in a picture of you, your loved one or of your beloved pet, @brohan_ will paint you a black and white portrait. ( We are doing 5 portraits ( 8”x 12” ) as this takes 2-3 full days to create ). SOLD OUT

As our country shoulders this devastating second wave of Covid. For the next 5 days ( 7pm, 30th April - 7pm, 4th May ) we will be donating 100% of all proceeds mentioned above to @feedingfromfar and @hemkunt_foundation.

If you can, support us or donate directly 🙏

S + Team Lune. x