__riPPle coming soon!

Raw, reaching 
Pure, elemental 
Basic — core. 

Launching in the month of transitions, our latest collection __riPPle celebrates art and artistry equally. Highlighted by delicate ripples, where each individual wave has been handcrafted, this is our exercise in dedication to our craft. Individually isolated, yet beautiful together, __riPPle has been inspired by the pursuit of a dual-edged sword of mastery and contentment.  

Inspired by a desire to reset and recalibrate, the collection features a selection of pieces that take innumerable hours to make; an ode to the slowness of process, and the uphill climb that craftsmanship often takes. It’s our reminder to ourselves to take a moment, delve a little deeper, dream a little more — and we hope it inspires you to do the same. 

Gold- and silver-plated pieces, individually crafted in Goa and Jaipur: these are designed for everyday wear, or even occasion pieces — as you like it. It’s about preference and perspective — and we would love to celebrate yours with __riPPle. 
Pictured above: Armeen wears our new Ripple Collection; landing on 20th November 2021

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