Visit the Store

The Shop Lune store is located in Bandra, Mumbai. The store stocks all our online jewellery pieces and store exclusives, a furniture line, artworks and occasionally, designs community based events. Keep an eye out on our Instagram page for updates or sign-up to our newsletter. The store was designed by the founder of Shop Lune, Sreesha Shetty who imagined a space akin to the architecture of the simple homes she enjoyed observing while growing up in Goa and her summer vacations in South India (her roots) and the harmonious mix of nature and art at her recent visit to the island of Naoshima in Japan.

Address: Shop 1 & 2, Labbaik House, Off Hill Road and St. Andrews Church, 39, Chimbai Road, Bandra, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050. 

Contact: 9307957895

Store Hours: Open Monday-Saturday, 11am-7.30pm; Sunday closed.